Thu April 19, 2012
The Two-Way

Top Stories: Syria Breaking Truce; India Test Fires Missile

Good Thursday morning - here are some of the top stories we're looking at.

U.N. Chief: Syria Violating Cease-Fire Amid Apparent Deal On Observers.

India's Missile Launch Puts China In Range. (Wall Street Journal)

Afghan Corpse Photos: 'Reprehensible' White House Says. (Politico)

Admitted Mass Killer Breivik Wanted To Decapitate Former Norway Prime Minister. (AP)

Few Answers In Abuse Probes At Homes For Disabled.

Death Penalty Research Flawed, Expert Panel Says.

Sixteen Defendants Due In Court In Ohio Amish Attacks. (AP)

International Whistling Convention: Whistlers Pucker Up And Blow Into Carolina Town. (AP)

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