Sat December 8, 2012

Tunnel Metering Testing On I-70

Colorado transportation officials are testing a metering system this weekend in an effort to untangle traffic jams at the Eisenhower Johnson Tunnels on Interstate 70.

This new method of metering traffic is similar to the traffic signals located at on-ramps that regulate the flow of traffic entering the highways and Interstates in the Denver metro area.

The plan calls for installing traffic signals to alternate lanes of traffic in an effort to more efficiently regulate the flow of traffic into the tunnel.  The traffic signals will cycle every 4-8 seconds so that vehicles will only have to stop briefly before being allowed to enter into the tunnel.

A test of continuous-flow metering is scheduled to begin today. The first few tests will use flaggers to funnel traffic.

If the tests are deemed successful, the Colorado Department of Transportation plans to utilize the system during the holidays and beyond.

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