Fri March 25, 2011
The Two-Way

UFOs Over Colorado? 'Dude, Totally!'

"Three red lights in a triangle ... spotted hovering in the sky" over Lafayette, Colo., on Monday have folks there talking about aliens and UFOs, Boulder's Daily Camera says.

Local airport officials and the Federal Aviation Administration say they didn't pick up anything weird on radar that night.

Our favorite part of the several videos that Lafayette residents have posted on YouTube is the back-and-forth between the guys who can be heard on this version.

"Wonder if there will be anything in the news about it tomorrow?" one asks.

"Dude, totally!" says the other. "That's the creepiest thing ever."

Of course, there's another recent event in Colorado that might make you think of the word "hoax."

With that, we return to the day's "real" news.

Update at 12:45 p.m. ET. Why Would They Need Lights?

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