Wed September 26, 2012

UNC President Looks Back On A Decade Of Service

University of Northern Colorado President Kay Norton reflected on her 10 years as president during the annual State of the University Address Tuesday.

Norton says, during her tenure, public universities in Colorado have transformed dramatically. They were once organized and operated as a state agency. But she says that has changed as state funding has decreased.

“Today, when we talk about budget, it’s from a university perspective. It’s all UNC money- primarily from students- and we’re committed to being transparent about how we spend it.”

Norton says like other Colorado universities, UNC is working to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on state revenue. And, she says the development of academic programs is no longer based on expectations from the state, but instead on university needs.

Click for the full text of Kay Norton's State of the University Address [.pdf].

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