Wed July 27, 2011

USPS Targets More Colorado Post Offices for Closure

After losing $8 billion dollars last year, the U.S. Postal Service is taking measures to cut costs—everything from cutting back to 5-day mail service to closing an estimated 3,600 offices nationwide.

63 of those facilities are in Colorado. That’s in addition to 7 facilities targeted by the USPS earlier this summer. Al DeSarro, a spokesperson for the USPS in Denver, says the agency is hoping that many would be replaced with a so-called village post office, in which services are offered in local stores or other government agencies.

“We would have a contractor there that would sell stamps, prepaid package services, be able to accept packages and also allow for post office boxes that normally would be in that post office,” he said.

DeSarro says employees at these outlets would not be union employees.

The public list released earlier this week marks a new approach for the USPS, which previously would not disclose post office locations under consideration until after communities had been notified.