Mon October 22, 2012

VIDEO: 60 Minutes Looks At Colorado's Marijuana "Green Rush"

On the cusp of Colorado's upcoming vote on Amendment 64, 60 Minutes reports on the precursor to that decision; the legalized medical marijuana industry.

60 Minutes correspondent Steven Kroft came to Denver for a report that aired nationally on Sunday. It's an in-depth look at the medical marijuana industry in the state - from edibles, the 'brand' names, medical marijuana critics, to mention of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup.

"If You want to know what legalized marijuana might look like, the place to go is Colorado..." - Steven Croft of 60 Minutes

While the report doesn't take on the pending question of legalization with Amendment 64, it is an expansive look at Colorado's "ganjapreneurship," that is the economic impact of an industry that has more storefronts than Starbucks in Denver.

There's more to read from 60 Minutes on their report of the "Green Rush" in their web-extra, KUNC also has extensive reporting on both medical marijuana and the upcoming decision on Amendment 64.