Tue September 25, 2012

VIDEO: NewsHour On Political Ad Spending, Colorado Ad Spend Jumps 146%

Colorado is assuredly a battleground state, evidenced by several visits by both candidates. The battle for votes though is duking it out on the TV across Colorado.

As we heard Monday on Morning Edition and All Things Considered, NPR's Ari Shapiro looked at the ad blitz in Colorado Springs, a republican stronghold in this swing state. Colorado Springs isn't alone though. A study earlier this month by CU News Corps found that in Denver alone viewers have been confronted by 18,956 ads so far.

There isn't a respite either online as KUNC's Nathan Heffel found. The election is currently 42 days out, but there is one way to attempt to dodge political ad spending: voting. Early voting starts in Colorado on October 22nd.

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