Thu October 11, 2012

VIDEO: NewsHour Stops In Swing State Colorado's Swing County: Jeffco

Jefferson County Colorado is the perfect microcosm of our status as a swing state; 1/3 Republican, 1/3 Democrat, and 1/3 independent.

A Wednesday post from Ciruli Associates, indicates that the polling in Colorado has moved narrowly to Romney's favor, mirroring the national move in the polls. We do mean narrow, 47.7% for Romney versus 47.2% for Obama.

With the deadline to register to vote in Colorado past and early voting set to start Monday, October 15th correction: Absentee voting ("no-excuse") begins Monday, Oct. 15th, Early in-person voting begins Monday, Oct. 22nd, time is running short for minds to be made up. Morning Edition's First and Main series stopped in another swing county this month, Larimer County - home to Fort Collins (and us).

There they found a similar divide and the same issues: education, energy policy, jobs, and pursuit of the Latino vote.

In the battle for voter minds though, as seen in the video, it's never a bad idea in Colorado to talk it out over a bowl of green chile.

KUNC's & NPR's coverage of the national election can be found here, KUNC's coverage of the election in Colorado can be found here.