Sat November 12, 2011

Weekend Audition: Coldplay, Cowdery, And A Tribute to Our Vets.

Checking out the latest Coldplay, singer/songwriter Rj Cowdery, and a thank you to our revered veterans with a beautiful tribute and song by Timothy P. Irvin.   

Everybody has been talking about the new Coldplay, and after listening, I now know why.  Nice!



I am so impressed  by Rj Cowdery – Apparently, after working for years in health care and writing on the side, she decided to turn the tables and make music her career rather than her hobby.  This, at an age when most people are looking towards retirement.  Go girl!  Her new album, In This Light is quintessentially folkie, with sass  and attitude.  Love it. 

Rj Cowdery

Timothy P. Irvin, known for years along the Front Range of Colorado from his work with the Rural Route 3 and Flash Cadillac, and the Rocky Mountain Stocking Stuffers, amongst other projects, wrote this stunning song.

Thank you to all Veterans-- thank you.