Sat May 26, 2012

Weekend Audition: New Albums From Lake Street Dive And Casey Frazier

Two weekend picks for you to audition. One with a name that not only implies fun, but is fun. And another, that chases perfection and passion in his work.

The band Lake Street Dive is back with a new EP, Fun Machine, that is just that: fun! It's also great summer listening. The album musically harkens back to another era without losing its 21st Century sound.

"Second Hand News"

The members of the band met when they were students at Boston's New England Conservatory. Coming from Tennessee (vocalist Rachael Price), Iowa (bassist Bridget Kearney), Minneapolis (trumpet and guitar Mike Olson), and Philadelphia (drummer Mike Calabrese) Lake Street Dive are, "jazz-schooled, DIY-motivated, and classically pop obsessed."

Lake Street Dive in a fun video, recorded outside of Eagle, CO

You can hear them live at the Gold Hill Inn on June 8th.

Casey Frazier has been playing music almost all of his life. He was playing the drums by the time he was three (must have been a 1/4 set!). By the time he was school-age, he already was a multi-instrumentalist, for he had picked up the guitar. Learning the ways of other instruments came as well as a young adult, he started writing songs and is passionate about his craft. As he relates on his website:

“I write songs for people who love music, for people who love to just listen. I never want my records to be two radio hits and a bunch of throw away songs. Each one, to me, is its own complete work.”

Frazier has been known to throw away songs that others might consider a hit, just because it did not personally resonate with him. Obviously, this is a serious man.

"At Least Luna Knows"

Frazier's latest work is called Old Cuban and the Lineup, and it is a beauty.


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