Wed November 27, 2013
Colorado Flood

What Water? Photos Show Off Post-Flood Work At Planet Bluegrass

By the time September’s floodwaters receded in Lyons, Colo., Planet Bluegrass was pockmarked with sand and debris from the North St. Vrain. Two months later, things are looking up.

Now that Planet Bluegrass has announced their 2014 RockeyGrass lineup, it’s a chance to look past the offices that collapsed or floated away. Not to mention the significantly damaged concert pavilion.

“It’s nice to be able to get in a place where we’re looking at a lot of this as improvements, as opposed to just repairs,” Festival Director Craig Ferguson said.

Ferguson says visitors to the grounds will see different and better landscaping, including a newly graded bowl seating area with better sight lines.

Snow on the grounds at Planet Bluegrass, Nov. 22, 2013
Credit Planet Bluegrass / Benko Photographics / used with permission

“The grounds are probably going to feel newly landscaped,” he said. “We’re just starting on those plans having just finalized our building construction layout.”

Perhaps the biggest project was rebuilding the damaged Wildflower Pavilion, which has been remodeled and acoustically tuned.

Ferguson says media attention from the flooding seems to be engaging a wider group of festival goers. The number of entries into the 2014 RockyGrass online lottery for on-site camping has already set new records.