Mon November 7, 2011

What's New This Week on KUNC Music

New this week to KUNC Music: The Decemberists' new EP, Katie Herzig, and an artist you are familiar with but may not know the name of, Jim Keller. Be sure to tune in M-F from 9-Noon to KUNC Music.

Katie Herzig's 4th solo effort is entitled The Walking Sleep and is out now on Mercer Street Records. I'll admit, I didn't know the name, however, undoubtedly you know the work if you're a fan of TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy (Her music used 5 separate times on Grey's). Don't let that pop culture connection sway you though, here's the lead track from The Walking Sleep, "Free My Mind":

Pop culture pop quiz: Who co-wrote "867-5309/Jenny"? Answer: Jim Keller. After Tommy Tutone spent their time at the top of the charts with that 80's gem and inevitably split, Keller needed a new gig. He at first worked with another name you may recognize: Composer Philip Glass. Jim Keller returned to pop music in 2010 with his debut Sunshine In My Pocket and has followed that up this last October with Soul Candy.

"Giving It Up To Love" from Soul Candy

Hailing from Portland OR, The Decemberists have followed up January's The King Is Dead with this month's EP Long Live The King. The EP was recorded at the same time as The King Is Dead and you can hear E. Watson, the opening track penned about a plantation owner of the same name HERE at Paste Magazine.



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