Wed February 15, 2012

Wildlife Groups File Suit Against Rocky Flats Land Sale

Two wildlife protection groups in Colorado have filed suit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service seeking to stop the sale of land in the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge for construction of a four lane toll road.

Josh Pollock is with Rocky Mountain Wild. He says selling the land near Golden will destroy open space and promote urban sprawl.

“This is one of the parts of our Front Range foothills that are still intact. We have beautiful native prairie grasslands, we have valuable wildlife habitat including habitat for endangered species like the Preble’s meadow mouse.

If sold, the land would be used to build part of the Jefferson Parkway toll road completing the north western part of a beltway around the Denver metro area. The cities of Golden and Superior have also filed suits saying the road will hurt their communities. The sale is scheduled for September.