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Fri August 5, 2011
Marijuana Policy

One Marijuana Legalization Effort Gets Underway This Week

LancerenoK Flickr

A retired Denver police officer has joined one effort to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Colorado.  A coalition began gathering signatures this week to put the issue before Colorado voters next year.

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Thu August 4, 2011

Polygamist Leader Convicted On Sex Assault Charges

Melissa Block talks to NPR's Wade Goodwyn, who has been following the trial of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs. A Texas jury convicted Jeffs on child sexual assault charges.


Thu August 4, 2011

Summer Sounds: Movies

Film critic Scott Mantz remembers spending his summers inside movie theaters — and those soundtracks are his Summer Sounds.


Thu August 4, 2011

CSU Researchers Call for Active Hurricane Season

Creative Commons

As Tropical Storm Emily heads toward Haiti, Colorado State University researchers are maintaining their 2011 forecast for an active hurricane season.

Bill Gray is Professor Emeritus in CSU’s Department of Atmospheric Science, and co-authored the annual seasonal forecast along with Philip Klotzbach. Overall, he expects the Atlantic to produce 16 named storms and 9 hurricanes.

“We’re looking forward to having this season to be about 175 percent of the average season between 1950 and 2000,” he said.

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Thu August 4, 2011

Forest Service to Give Sawmills Break from Timber Contracts

In an effort to help prevent Colorado’s three remaining sawmills from shutting down, the US Forest Service is offering to renegotiate timber sale contracts that were inked prior to the recession and the downturn in the housing market. 

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