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Fri July 22, 2011

Want To Be A Macho, Macho Man? Be A Daddy

Po Bronson is the co-author of NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children.

I'm not sure why my friend Todd had genuine AMF white bowling pins at his apartment. But I know the yellow metal Tonka dumpster was a present from him for my newborn son, Luke, something to grow into in a year or so.

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Thu July 21, 2011

NFL Team Owners Approve Tentative Deal

NFL team owners have approved a tentative deal that would end the lockout of the players. Michele Norris talks with NPR's Mike Pesca.


Thu July 21, 2011

On Location: The Central Florida Of 'The Yearling'

Claude Jarman, Jr., at age 11, holding a fawn on the set of The Yearling in 1946.
Martha Holmes Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image

When Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings published her novel The Yearling in 1938, it was an almost instant success, winning her a legion of readers as well as the Pulitzer Prize. MGM bought the film rights to the movie, and its executives agreed with Rawlings that the movie had to be filmed on location — in a densely wooded and sparsely populated part of Florida known as the "Big Scrub."

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Thu July 21, 2011
NPR Story

Detroit Baseball Fans Clean Up Site Of Tiger Stadium

Detroit tore down the old Tiger Stadium in 2009 because it was "blight." But since then, the city has done little to maintain the site. So about a year ago, a few guys brought in some heavy-duty landscaping equipment, and mowed and cleaned it up. And it's evolved into a loosely knit group that comes down every other week to clean up and play baseball with their kids. But the city disapproves. It has fenced off the place and put locks on the gates, but people keep cutting them off and going in anyway.


Thu July 21, 2011
Debt deal

Udall Seeks to End Unemployment Payments for Millionaires as Part of Debt Deal

As negotiations continue over the debt limit in Washington, Colorado senator Mark Udall is asking lawmakers to put an end to unemployment payments for millionaires.

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