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Sun July 10, 2011

Pakistan Withholds $800 Million In Aid To Pakistan

The U.S. is withholding $800 million in military assistance to Pakistan. NPR's Jackie Northam and host Guy Raz discuss the latest example of the strain between the two allies in the wake of Osama bin Laden's killing.


Sun July 10, 2011

U.S. Women Head To World Cup Semifinals

There was high drama Sunday in the women's World Cup soccer tournament: The U.S. team got a last-second, come-from-behind victory over Brazil. NPR's Tom Goldman fills in host Guy Raz on how the Americans pulled it off in Dresden, Germany.


Sun July 10, 2011

'News Of The World' Shuts Down After Scandal

Originally published on Sun July 10, 2011 4:26 pm


GUY RAZ, host: After 168 years of being read aloud at British breakfast tables, the News of the World published its final edition today. Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch shut down the tabloid to try and contain a growing phone tapping scandal. The paper's accused of illegally hacking into the cell phones of thousands of sports stars and newsmakers, including a young murder victim.

Vicki Barker reports from London on the paper's final day.

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Sun July 10, 2011

Obama, Lawmakers Have Another Go At Debt Talks

President Obama is meeting with Capitol Hill leaders again Sunday to talk about the deal they are trying to strike on the debt ceiling and deficit reduction. The weekend talks are the latest symbol of seriousness in the long-running struggle that is nearing a deadline of potential default on federal debt. NPR's Ari Shapiro gives host Guy Raz the latest.


Sat July 9, 2011
A Blog Supreme

What's With All The Jazz Tribute Albums?

Michael Jackson Courtesy of the artist

Well, it's complicated.

More than so many other kinds of music, jazz takes its tradition seriously. There's about 100 years' worth, and most of it has been passed down in sound: by playing with, listening to and studying with the masters. So it makes sense that jazz musicians feel such visceral connections to their ancestors, whether spiritual, intellectual, educational, inspirational, aspirational or even just marketable.

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