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Tue March 15, 2011
You Must Read This

Saul Bellow's Guide To Good, Old-Fashioned 'Letters'

Really. You must read this. If you're a lover of prose, someone who knows how to savor the taste of a scrumptious sentence, then you'll find morsels aplenty to set your eyes rolling to the back of your head in indecent pleasure.

These 700 letters to friends and enemies, to multiple wives, ex-wives, and lovers, to the famous and to those made infamous by Bellow's own treatment of them in his novels, are full to the brim with the insights of a man who was always taking in the world with abundance, only to give it out again in wonderful words.

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Tue March 15, 2011

Loveland Pot Ban Challenge Goes To Court

Rocky Mountain Kind is one of three medical marijuana dispensaries challenging the city of Loveland.
Grace Hood

An 8th Judicial District Court judge heard arguments from both sides of a lawsuit today challenging the city of Loveland’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Loveland voters approved the medical marijuana dispensary ban last November, and it went into place on March 1. But three dispensaries are challenging it, along with unnamed medical marijuana patients. They say it violates their rights guaranteed by the state constitution. That’s despite a state law passed by the legislature last year that gives cities the right to restrict medical marijuana dispensaries.

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Tue March 15, 2011
Japan In Crisis

Japanese Victims Flee Area Near Power Plant

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 10:09 am

An evacuee is screened for radiation exposure at a testing center on Tuesday in Koriyama, Japan, after a nuclear power plant on the coast of the Fukushima prefecture was damaged by Friday's earthquake.
Wally Santana AP

After another explosion and fire was reported at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan's prime minister announced in a televised address that those living within about a 20-mile radius of the nuclear complex should stay inside their homes.

But many people did the exact opposite. Some packed their cars, others got into buses — and residents simply headed west.

At Curry House, just off a main road in Koriyama, most of the items on the menu had been crossed off with a blue marker — showing what you couldn't get. Only two dishes were available because of food shortages.

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Tue March 15, 2011
Monkey See

DVD Picks: 'Waste Land'

Every week lots of films make their way onto video, and we turn to Bob Mondello to tell us about the cream of the cinematic crop. This week, Bob's recommending a film that was just up for an Academy Award – the documentary Waste Land.

In a sprawling landfill in Brazil, thousands of catadores — trash-pickers — scramble over freshly arrived truckloads of garbage through much of Waste Land. They're sorting the trash into recyclables for about $20 a day, barely enough to live on, even in the dump.

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Tue March 15, 2011

Agriculture Secretary Wants Congress to Keep Fire Funding for Western States

Trees killed by bark beetles near Kremmling, Colorado
Brian Larson

The House passed a measure on Tuesday blending $6 billion in budget cuts with enough money to keep the government running for an additional three weeks. But the cuts could have a negative impact on Colorado’s upcoming fire season.

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