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Mon October 22, 2012
Around the Nation

For Many Florida Ex-Cons, Voting Booth Is Off-Limits

Originally published on Mon October 22, 2012 5:44 pm

Richard Flores, 47, had his civil rights restored at a clemency board hearing on June 28. Convicted of vehicular manslaughter in 1994, he served one year of house arrest. He had been waiting since then to have his right to vote restored.
Michael Ciaglo News21

Across the nation, the number of people who have lost the right to vote because of a felony conviction has grown dramatically in the past three decades. Currently, almost 6 million people don't have that right — and about 1.5 million of them live in Florida.

While some states are making it easier for felons to get their voting rights back, Florida has taken the opposite approach — and the path for former convicts trying to get those rights back is often an arduous one.

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Mon October 22, 2012

What Happens After Jurors Get It Wrong?

Originally published on Mon October 22, 2012 6:16 pm

Juror Anita Woodruff is haunted by her decision to help convict Santae Tribble of murder.
Carrie Johnson NPR

About 300 people have been wrongfully convicted and exonerated in the U.S. thanks to DNA evidence. But overlooked in those stories are the accounts of jurors who unwittingly played a role in the injustice.

One of those stories is playing out in Washington, D.C., where two jurors who helped convict a teenager of murder in 1981 are now persuaded that they were wrong. They're dealing with their sense of responsibility by leading the fight to declare him legally innocent.

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Mon October 22, 2012
Music Interviews

Kendra Morris: Skateboards And Karaoke Machines

Originally published on Mon October 22, 2012 4:25 pm


Mon October 22, 2012

Still Active Fern Lake Fire Pushes Smoke To The Front Range

Smoke billowing from the Fern Lake Fire as seen from the KUNC studios in Greeley on Monday
Jim Hill KUNC


Mon October 22, 2012

Early Voting Underway in Battleground Colorado

Colorado Democratic leaders staged at "get out the vote" photo op outside a polling station in Denver Monday.
Kirk Siegler

Early voting is now underway in Colorado; a key swing state that pundits say could help determine the outcome of the presidential election. 

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