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  • Thursday, July 10, 2014 4:30am
    India's PM Narender Modi, who won a landslide victory at the polls two months ago, will make his first budget speech today. India offers a huge market for foreign investors, but its economy is beset by problems. We use the budget as a peg to look at what it's like for foreign firms doing business in India, and what needs to change to pave the way for more foreign investment in the country. Plus, hundreds of thousands of electronic disability claims at the VA are languishing incomplete, but no one is sure why. We explain the problem and look at the follow-on effects of so many unprocessed claims. Also, we talk to Univision’s TomasOcana about an investigative report they’ve done on temporary workers in the US… There are now more than 2.9 temp workers in this country, and temp staffing business is one of the fastest growing industries. Univision has partnered with ProPublica to expose the sometimes deadly conditions temp workers are exposed to, often with very little, if any, training. Then, what’s the fewest number of followers you can have and still pique the interest of advertisers – 10k? How do the offers you’d get from advertisers to pitch for them change when you have 100K, 500K, 1 million followers?  We take a look at how companies and social media influencers find each other. And after, as the World Cup Finals come to an end, Julia Carneiro takes a look at a group of women soccer players hoping to draw more women into the sport as players.
  • Wednesday, July 9, 2014 4:10am
    The Global Business Travel Association has a report out today which says there's been a recent upswing in business trips. American companies are spending more on both domestic and international travel, as well as conventions – which they take to be a sign of increased confidence in the economy. Plus, a report from Pew says overall healthcare spending in prisons is down, but the number of older inmates is up, meaning the most expensive patient prison population is soaring. We look behind the numbers in the report. Also, a new report says that more than half of the plants sampled from stores like Home Depot and Lowes are nothing more than pesticide laced bee killers, chock full or neonicotinoids - highly toxic to pretty, buzzy winged insects like bees and butterflies. Environmentalists are pushing for the EPA to take action and review the use of neonicotinoids but what about all the landscaping, petunia planting and azalea growing that's happening around the country? Then after, there’s a technological revolution quietly underway in the trucking industry that’s bringing us cheaper goods and cleaner air.
  • Tuesday, July 8, 2014 4:21am
    Washington State starts retail marijuana sales this week. We look at how it’s different from Colorado, and what it learned from Colorado going first. Plus, Mexico is set to overtake Brazil as Latin America’s top automaker. Mexican factories surged ahead this year thanks to increasing demand from the US market and a slump in domestic sales in Brazil. It’s the first time in more than a decade that Mexican carmakers have taken the lead and it signals a rebound in the country’s lagging economy. Also, it’s summer and that means it’s time for summer camp! But a whole lot of kids are forgoing the great outdoors… For extra time in front of the computer. We investigate. And after, there was a time in China when men and women settled down - at the very latest - by their early twenties. But the country's rapid economic expansion and urbanisation has changed all that. Many young, urban, middle class Chinese are still unmarried at 30. They're busy working hard, enjoying the money they earn, and so haven't got time for marriage. Many high-flying women seem to want a man who's richer and more successful than they are - and many are struggling to find him, which has led to an explosion in online and face to face dating.
  • Monday, July 7, 2014 4:00am
    The World Gold Council is meeting to confront suggestions that the cost of gold might be rigged -- Gold buyers could be paying more for gold because of behind-the-scenes tactics. Plus, Marketplace contributor Allan Sloan is on the cover of Fortune Magazine with strong words for American companies that move headquarters overseas for tax breaks. In fact, he calls the tactic "positively Un-American."
  • Friday, July 4, 2014 4:38am
    Transit fares are going up this summer in a few different cities. We look at where the fare increases are, why operating costs are rising and why fares alone aren't enough to keep transit systems economically viable. Plus, data from credit service Experian shows Americans are paying down their credit card debt slowly, but some states are finding it more difficult than others. People who live in Alaska, New Jersey, and Connecticut hold the highest balances. We find out what factors contribute to people in certain states holding more credit card debt. And after, a defining sight in the booming oil fields of North Dakota is flames flaring from the top of wells -- burning off natural gas that escapes during pumping. It's a big waste of energy, and money. 



Fri March 29, 2013
The Two-Way

NPR To Discontinue 'Talk Of The Nation'

Originally published on Fri March 29, 2013 12:26 pm

Robin Young.
  • On 'Morning Edition': David Folkenflik and Renee Montagne discuss the cancellation of 'Talk of the Nation'

NPR announced Friday morning that it will no longer produce the Monday-to-Thursday call-in show Talk of the Nation.

It will be replaced by Here and Now, a show produced in partnership with member station WBUR in Boston. Reported stories will be part of the show's format.

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Fri January 13, 2012
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Private Equity Explained

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What is Re-hypothecation?

The term Re-hypothecation came up a lot during the MF Global meltdown. It’s quite a common term in the securities market – but what does it mean? Marketplace Money senior producer Paddy Hirsch explains.



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What is a junk bond?

Junk. Not a nice word. And when it comes to bonds, not a particularly accurate word, either. Junk is something useless, right? Something you want to toss in the trash? Well, “junk” bonds are definitely not useless. In fact they’re extremely useful. Sometimes. Marketplace Money Senior Producer Paddy Hirsch explains what a junk bond really is. 


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Why does the EU want U.S. dollars?

Marketplace Money Senior Producer Paddy Hirsch explains why Europe needs dollars instead of Euros as the EU tries to sort out its financial problems.