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Wed May 6, 2015


Wed May 6, 2015
Arts & Life

Renovated Feed & Grain The Next Step In Loveland's Arts Evolution

The Loveland Feed & Grain already has hosted art events, including the 'Love + Light' exhibit.
Courtesy of Lucky Brake Ltd. Lucky Brake Ltd.

The Loveland Feed & Grain has been powering the city of Loveland for a long time.

Built in 1892, it was the site of the first electric lighting in Loveland. When the mill found that it had more electrical capacity than it could use, it offered the extra up to the town.

"And provided the power for the very first city street lights," said Felicia Harmon, who is overseeing the Feed & Grain's next incarnation. The former grain elevator is now being transformed into the city's next "power source" – the Artspace Loveland Arts Campus.

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Wed May 6, 2015
Oil Industry Taxes

For Rural Colorado, Stability Of Severance Taxes Is Always In Flux

The red brick streets in the historic downtown of Trinidad.

As a result of Colorado's booming oil production, energy companies are paying more in severance taxes – money they pay the state for taking minerals out of the ground. Half of it is supposed to go to back to local communities, both directly and through grants. But thanks to market forces – and political conditions in Denver – it's not always a stable source of funding.

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Wed May 6, 2015

What Happens In Vegas Includes Crowded, Struggling Schools

Originally published on Wed May 6, 2015 7:54 am

Students eat lunch at Robert Forbuss Elementary School in Las Vegas. The school, designed for 780 students, enrolls 1,230.
Eric Westervelt NPR

Las Vegas is back, baby. After getting slammed by the Great Recession, the city today is seeing rising home sales, solid job growth and a record number of visitors in 2014.stru

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Wed May 6, 2015
Sweetness And Light

Athletes Want To Talk To Fans Without Meddlesome Sports Journalists

Originally published on Wed May 6, 2015 8:25 am

Derek Jeter attends the launch party for his new website, The Players' Tribune, on Feb. 14 in New York City. The site is a platform for athletes to talk directly to fans.
Timothy Hiatt Getty Images

It's interesting to note the major differences in the way the media deals with sports stars and entertainment celebrities in public.

When entertainment personalities are interviewed, they are dressed to the nines, and the interrogation consists mostly of compliments. Athletes, however, are interviewed all grubby and sweaty, and primarily, they are rudely asked to explain themselves. Why did you strike out? How could you have possibly dropped that pass?

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