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Thu July 12, 2012

Fake Pot Is A Real Problem For Regulators

Originally published on Thu July 12, 2012 11:09 am

A screengrab from the Mr. Nice Guy site shows the company's products, including Relaxinol, which was blamed for contributing to an accidental death.

This week, President Obama signed a law banning synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs. Dozens of states and local governments have already tried to outlaw fake marijuana, which has been blamed for hundreds of emergency room visits and a handful of fatalities.

But the bans have proved largely ineffective, and there are fears that the federal law won't be any different.

Synthetic marijuana looks a bit like dried grass clippings. It's readily available on the Internet and in convenience stores and smoke shops, where it's sold as herbal incense or potpourri.

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Wed July 11, 2012

Longmont Officials Signal Support for Tougher Fracking Regs

An oil and gas well near a school on the eastern outskirts of Longmont, Colo.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

City officials in Longmont are set to reconsider a retooled package of local regulations that could limit oil and gas drilling and the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing from occurring within the town's boundaries. 

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Wed July 11, 2012

Protecting Northern Colorado Water After the Fires

Helicopter helping fight the High Park Fire
US Forest Service USDA - Flickr

With recent wildfires in northern Colorado now under control, the City of Greeley is focusing on protecting its drinking water supplies. This week the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service announced that it is awarding the city $500,000 to help mitigation efforts.

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Wed July 11, 2012
Youth Radio

Youth Radio: Melissa Vasquez

Melissa Vasquez recording her essay.

For the past several weeks we’ve been featuring the voices and perspectives of  inner-city teens from Arupe Jesuit Academy in Denver. Our youth radio project is part of collaboration with the Denver non-profit Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop. The goal is to teach teens of all walks of life how to become better writers and speakers.

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Wed July 11, 2012
Around the Nation

City Of Brotherly Love Has A Different Kind Of Cupid



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