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Mon April 30, 2012

2012 Session is End of the Line for Some Colorado Lawmakers

The 2012 legislative session wraps up next Wednesday, May 9th. While activity under the gold dome is fluid this will be the last session for several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

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Mon April 30, 2012

Colorado Ag Exports Starting Off Strong for 2012

Free range cows
photo by elenm1 Creative Commons/Flickr

Colorado’s agricultural exports are continuing to grow in the first two months of the year. Compared to the first two months of 2011, Colorado’s ag exports this year are up 25%, at roughly $222 million overall.

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Mon April 30, 2012

Farmer’s Union Hopes To Lower Costs Via Health Insurance Co-op

Lindy Wallace, president of the board overseeing the Colorado Health Insurance Cooperative, Inc., with her horse Joe
JW Stephens Colorado Public News

The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union says the costs of health insurance have become so high that many people who work in Colorado’s rural areas carry policies that only cover them in case of a dire emergency.

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Mon April 30, 2012

Barnes & Noble, Microsoft Team Up In E-Publishing

Microsoft is committing $300 million to the venture with Barnes & Noble. They are working to create a new subsidiary of the bookseller. The two companies are hoping to energize sales of the Nook tablet.


Mon April 30, 2012

Wealthy Australian To Build 21st Century Titanic

Clive Palmer says he wants to build Titanic II to sale from London to New York. Like the builder of the original, Palmer says, "It is going to be designed so it won't sink."