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Mon April 30, 2012
Author Interviews

Caro's 'Passage of Power': LBJ's Political Genius

Originally published on Mon April 30, 2012 8:26 am

Keystone Getty Images

Robert Caro writes obsessively about power. Fittingly, it's Lyndon Johnson — catapulted suddenly into the presidency "in the crack of a gunshot" — who consumes him.

The Passage of Power, the fourth volume of Caro's massive biography of Lyndon Johnson, is released this week. Caro has dedicated decades to meticulously researching Johnson's life, and the previous books in the series have been almost universally hailed as a significant achievement in American letters.

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Mon April 30, 2012

Living To 100: The Story Of India's Pocket Hercules

Originally published on Mon April 30, 2012 6:39 am

Centenarian Manohar Aich sits at his home in Kolkata, India. Aich stood 4 feet 11 inches at his tallest, earning him the nickname "Pocket Hercules."
Bishan Samaddar

A fad that has been sweeping through middle-class India might look familiar to some Americans — it's a craze for fancy gym equipment. But when commentator Sandip Roy visited India's first Mr. Universe (who is known as the "Pocket Hercules") he found that the body builder has little patience for the new trend.

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Sun April 29, 2012

Capitol Conversation: 2012 Legislative Session Coming to a Close

The end of the state’s legislative session is just around the corner, and several big issues will be decided in the final few days. KUNC’s State Capitol reporter Bente Birkeland spoke to fellow statehouse reporters about the agenda, and what items could be headed for the chopping block.


Sat April 28, 2012

Erie Seeks to Ease Residents' Air Pollution Concerns

An oil and gas well on the outskirts of Erie, east of Boulder, Colo.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

Local officials in Erie say an analysis by an environmental firm hired by the town has concluded there are no immediate public health impacts from a recent rise in emissions coming from oil and gas wells in and around the community east of Boulder. 

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Fri April 27, 2012

Tornadoes Cause Severe Damage in Southeast Colorado

Picture from 2008 of storm clouds over Kiowa, CO
Michael Sauers Flickr - Creative Commons

Several early morning tornadoes ripped through southeastern Colorado causing severe damage to multiple homes and buildings near Lamar, about 200 miles southeast of Denver.

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