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Thu April 19, 2012

Next Year's Fiscal Budget Proposal Popular in Colorado Senate


Colorado’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year remained largely unchanged after a debate in the state senate Wednesday. Lawmakers offered about half as many amendments as the representatives in the House proposed. KUNC’s Bente Birkeland reports that the budget bill passed the Colorado House last week with near unanimous support and appears likely to be receive easy passage in the Senate.



Thu April 19, 2012

Dutch Entertainer Sued Over Magic Trick

A Dutch magician has threatened to tell the secret behind one of Penn & Teller's most famous bits. In this shadow illusion, an untouched rose falls apart as Teller cuts at the shadow with a knife. Teller tried to make the offer disappear by paying the Dutchman the $3,000. When that was refused, Teller sued.


Thu April 19, 2012

Momentum Builds on 70 Acre City Center in Timnath

A local developer has some big plans for the town of Timnath in Larimer County, including a city center with a $100 million price tag. Northern Colorado Business Report Publisher Jeff Nuttall is joining us to talk about what changes may be on the horizon.

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Thu April 19, 2012
Around the Nation

Is Nakedness Protected Political Speech?

John Brennan of Portland, Ore., was going through airport security when he was pulled aside for a closer look. So he removed all of his clothes, saying it was an act of protest. Facing charges, Brennan argues he was "nude but not lewd."



Thu April 19, 2012
National Security

Secret Service Forces Out 3 Agents



This is MORNING EDITION, frpm NPR News. I'm Lynn Neary.


And I'm Steve Inskeep, good morning.

The Secret Service scandal has now cost three men their jobs. The government says they were involved in misconduct in South America, and they are leaving the agency. Agents, as well as military personnel, allegedly hired prostitutes in advance of President Obama's recent trip to Colombia.

NPR justice correspondent Carrie Johnson has been following this story. She's in our studios. Good morning.

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