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Tue April 10, 2012

Orange Barrel Season Almost Here: CDOT Announces Summer Projects

State transportation officials say Coloradans can expect a busy summer for highway construction projects, including some long-awaited lane widening and bridge repairs.

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Tue April 10, 2012

Reforming Our Aging Electrical Grid: A Case for ‘Top Down’ Change

Grace Hood

The future of the country’s aging electrical grid—which is inefficient and prone to blackouts—was front-and-center on Tuesday during a talk sponsored by Colorado State University and Fort Collins-based Rocky Mountain Innosphere.

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Tue April 10, 2012

Don't Try THIS Ultimate Workout At Home

Luci "Steel" Romberg is a stuntwoman and one of the world's top female freerunners.
Chad Bonanno Courtesy of

Since January, the Ultimate NPR Workout Mix has been highlighting music that makes listeners move.

Today, we hear from Luci "Steel" Romberg, a professional Hollywood stuntwoman and one of the top female freerunners in the world. Don't try her workout at home.

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Tue April 10, 2012

Title Board Clears Additional Ballot Initiatives

More initiatives have been cleared for possible inclusion on the November election ballot. Supporters still must collect the more than 86-thousand valid signatures needed to get their proposals in front of Colorado voters.

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Tue April 10, 2012

Sarkozy Bans Cheese Course At Presidential Palace

The chef at the presidential palace recently revealed that Nicolas Sarkozy has said no to the cheese course after meals. He doesn't drink, so no wine for him either.