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Wed August 31, 2011
Crime In The City

Athens Cop On The Trail Of Modern Greece

Athens' Monastiraki neighborhood is a meeting place for Greek and Ottoman culture. Case in point: the 18-century Tzistarakis Mosque (left) sits below the Acropolis (center) and serves as a focal point for Monastiraki Square.
Julian Finney Getty Images

For millions of tourists who flock to Athens every year, the city at the foot of the Acropolis represents the cradle of democracy and the sublime art of antiquity.

But to crime writer Petros Markaris, the Athens of today is both a peaceful Balkan haven and a symbol of the ugliness of modern, corrupt societies. In his detective novels, he takes on the financial and social crises sweeping Greece.

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Wed August 31, 2011

Obama Officials Tout Denver Rail Expansion

Courtesy of RTD

The Obama Administration’s top two transportation officials paid a visit to Colorado Wednesday to announce a billion dollar federal deal that will help finance Denver’s FasTracks passenger rail program, including the construction of a commuter line to the airport.

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Wed August 31, 2011

AT&T's Bid For T-Mobile Blocked By Lawsuit

The Justice Department filed suit Wednesday to block AT&T's proposed takeover of T-Mobile. Officials say combining the country's second- and fourth-largest mobile phone carriers would be bad for competition. The $39 million deal has been under scrutiny from lawmakers and consumer groups. And the No. 3 carrier, Sprint Nextel, objects to the merger.


Wed August 31, 2011
Arts & Life

Australian Artist Profits From Government Grant

An Australian artist received a government grant for $20,000 in cash. He neatly stacked the money into a pile. Voila, art! The piece is called Currency. It went up for auction and the winning buyer will pay $21,350.


Wed August 31, 2011
Around the Nation

Air Traveler Sues Over Airport Searches

At airport security in Richmond, VA., Aaron Tobey stripped to his shorts showing off that on his chest was the Constitution's Fourth Amendment which forbids unreasonable searches. Tobey was detained and he sued the government. A judge has thrown out most of the suit but the court will hear Tobey's claim that his free speech rights were violated.