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Tue July 5, 2011

Senate President Shaffer To Challenge 4th CD Rep. Gardner

Colorado General Assembly

State Senator Brandon Shaffer says he'll remain president of the chamber while he challenges freshman Republican Congressman Cory Gardner next year.

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Tue July 5, 2011

Education Gathering in Denver Focusing on College Completion

Education officials from across the U.S. are in Denver this week.  They are taking on the task of figuring out how to make sure more students graduate from college ready for the workforce.

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Tue July 5, 2011
Seasonal Farmworkers

Colorado, other Western States to Receive Federal Farmworker Grants

U.S. Department of Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor is awarding nearly $84 million in grants to combat chronic unemployment and underemployment experienced by seasonal farm workers.  Colorado is set to receive more than $1 million of that funding.

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Tue July 5, 2011
Around the Nation

Retired Marine Fights HOA Over Flag Pole

Retired Marine Mike Merola flew an American flag on a 20-foot pole in Houston. The Lakeland Village Community Association sued, saying the pole violated community design rules. The case inspired Texas to pass legislation protecting the flag.


Tue July 5, 2011

Driver Fined In Spain For Going To Slowly

A driver in Valencia, Spain. thought he would beat the system. Suspecting the presence of speed cameras, he slowed way down. A few months later, he was shocked to get a ticket in the mail for driving too slowly.