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Wed March 16, 2011
Strange News

Big Lobster Gets To Chill In Aquarium

A lobster who's lived to be perhaps 50 years old gets to live a little longer. The creature is about three feet long and weighs in at about 10 pounds. He was taking a stroll in shallow water off the Sussex coast when he was caught. Now he's headed for an aquarium in southern England.


Wed March 16, 2011
Around the Nation

Ohio Teens Markets 'Manly' Scented Candles

A 13-year-old boy in Marysville, Ohio, was making fun of his sister for selling girly candles for school. Then Hart Main came up with a new business: selling scented candles in cans for men. Fragrances include: bacon, pizza and the smell of a baseball glove.


Wed March 16, 2011

Boxing's World Series Tries To Hook Followers

It's the time of year when a sports fan's fancy turns to college basketball. But there's another kind of March Madness going on in the often forgotten sport of boxing.

A new international league is trying to make boxing relevant again.

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Wed March 16, 2011

U.S. Schools Hire Companies To Court Foreign Students

Some public colleges are hiring for-profit companies to recruit international students. It's a controversial strategy, but with shrinking state budgets every tuition dollar is critical. The Universities of Massachusetts and New Hampshire are working with a company called Navitas to bring in foreign students and in some cases, to teach them. Sheryl Rich-Kern of New Hampshire Public Radio reports.


Wed March 16, 2011

Egypt Political Update

In Egypt, finding politicians to run the country with the requisite experience and who aren't out of favor with the public is a challenge. Whoever ends up running the country, and what kind of powers the president will have, depend on a controversial referendum scheduled for March 19th.