Nine O'Clock Blues

Saturday 9pm

The Nine O’clock Blues presents the Blues music that is the foundation of most all American music including Rock & Roll, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Country and more. 

Host Marc Applegate features Roots, Blues and Rhythm & Blues from all the decades of recorded music reaching back to the beginning with artists like Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charlie Patton while including the latest releases from a wide variety of contemporary artists.

Interested in checking out the Blues scene in Colorado? Here's a link to the Colorado Blues Society calendar.

There's always the annual Greeley Blues Jam if you need your Blues fix.

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Sat August 11, 2012
Marc On The Blues

Nine O'clock Blues: Dr. Isaiah Ross

Testament Records

Given the nature of the street performer’s world, it’s not surprising that one man bands were common on the streets. In the ‘20s through the ‘50s most played in a style that grew out of the traditions of minstrelsy and medicine shows. One notable exception was Dr. Isaiah Ross.

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Sat August 4, 2012
Marc On The Blues

Nine O'clock Blues: City That Care Forgot

429 Records

Dr. John and the Lower 911 recorded an album in 2008 called City That Care Forgot. There was a negative reaction from a number of reviewers.

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Sat July 28, 2012
Marc On The Blues

Nine O'clock Blues: An Obsession With Robert Johnson


The stories about Robert Johnson (1911-1938) are well known and available in many places. You don’t need me to tell them here. Although I will mention…

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Sat July 21, 2012
Marc On The Blues

Nine O'clock Blues & The King Of The Jukebox

Portrait of Louis Jordan, Paramount Theater(?), New York, N.Y., ca. July 1946 / William P Gottlieb
Library of Congress

A lot of people have recorded the songs of the so-called “King of the Jukebox” Louis Jordan and with good reason. His songs are so darned much fun to play and listen to.

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Sat July 14, 2012
Marc On The Blues

The Nine O'clock Blues Is Going To Boogie

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials Alligator

Boogie is an interesting word. Webster’s Third Collegiate Dictionary says the origin of the word boogie-woogie is unknown.

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