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Sunday 9 p.m.
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Sat April 6, 2013
Swallow Hill Sessions

Grant Gordy Live @ Swallow Hill

Grant Gordy posted the marque for his farewell show to Twitter January 11, 2013
Grant Gordy Instagram

As Swallow Hill has said, "Musicians with the talent, perseverance and passion to develop a personal style that impacts a whole field of music only come along a few times a generation." Here's a chance to hear one as Grant Gordy plays Live @ Swallow Hill.

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Sat March 2, 2013
Live @ Swallow Hill Sessions

Missy Raines And The New Hip: Live @ Swallow Hill

Missy Raines
Compass Records

For the person looking for music that moves the emotion and breaks barriers between musical genres Missy Raines and the New Hip push the envelope.

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Tue February 19, 2013
The Spotlight

Should We Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies?

Nita Farahany and Lee Silver argue against the motion "Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies" during an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate.
Samuel LaHoz
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What if, before your children were born, you could make sure they had the genes to be taller or smarter? Would that tempt you, or would you find it unnerving?

What if that genetic engineering would save a child from a rare disease?

As advancements in science bring these ideas closer to reality, a group of experts faced off two against two in an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate on the proposition: "Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies."

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Sat February 16, 2013
The Spotlight

Say it Loud: Great Speeches on Civil Rights and African American Identity

Malcolm X at a 1964 press conference
Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division ID cph.3c11166

The sound of James Brown’s raw and soulful voice rumbles through the speaker, carrying on it the words “Say it Loud!” The call & response is followed by the roaring audience: “I’m Black and I’m proud!”

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Sat February 2, 2013
The Spotlight: Movies

The Tobolowsky Files: Memories of Groundhog Day

Stephen Tobolowsky at the 2012 Texas Book Festival, Austin, Texas
Larry D Moore Wikimedia - Creative Commons

I’ll bet you remember a time when it did actually snow in February. When the whole country was tired of winter and looked forward to a little tradition called Groundhog Day.

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