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Fri May 6, 2011
Music Interviews

Robert Johnson At 100, Still Dispelling Myths

Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Johnson. Although he recorded just 29 songs, the bluesman had a huge influence on guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. Johnson is one of the most studied of all country blues musicians, and he's been the subject of many books, films and essays.

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Fri May 6, 2011
The Record

Shania Twain: A Survivor Who Remade The Good Old Girl

Originally published on Thu November 8, 2012 2:08 pm

Shania Twain.
Maura McEvoy Courtesy of Mercury Nashville


Thu May 5, 2011
Garden Report

Picking the Right Plants Key to Healthy Garden

Photo Courtesey of Fort Collins Nursery

Starting with healthy, vigorous plants is the key to a successful garden.  Whether you buy plants at the grocery, a big box store or your local garden center be selective.

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Sat April 30, 2011

Will The Royal Marriage Be A Fairy Tale, Too?

I got up early and baked scones on the day of the Royal Wedding. I watched the entire ceremony, from the entrance of Beckham and Posh to the recessional when the young couple stepped out of Westminster Abbey and waved to the crowd.

I thought they did a great job — putting on a wedding that was huge but had its moments of intimacy — a ceremony that was traditional and dignified as well as beautiful and heart lifting. And, the hard part, the two stars of the show seemed to enjoy it.

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Sat April 30, 2011
NPR Story

'Brood 19' Cicadas Poised To Swarm The South

They've been developing underground for 13 years, and now billions of Brood 19 cicadas are set to emerge with a bang, or a buzz in states including Georgia, South Carolina and Oklahoma. American Entomologist Editor-in-Chief Gene Kritsky lays out what we can expect with host Linda Wertheimer.