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Fri April 22, 2011
The Record

Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Over 75 Years, From Dub To Dubstep

When it comes to the history of reggae, Bob Marley is almost always the main event. This month and next, though, another iconic Jamaican artist gets the spotlight. On the heels of his 75th birthday, singer, songwriter and producer Lee "Scratch" Perry is releasing an album and starring in a documentary called The Upsetter.

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Fri April 22, 2011
Music Interviews

Plan B: A Singing Rapper Catches His Second Wind

Ben Drew, also known as Plan B, has been called the Eminem of East London. The Guardian described his 2006 debut release as "a bleak, visceral, obscenity-strewn British urban album."

His music received great reviews from music critics, but didn't do so well with the public. After a few years, Plan B is back with a new album called The Defamation of Strickland Banks — and this time, he's swapped his hooded sweatshirt for a suit and added a whole lot of soul to his sound. But who is Strickland Banks?

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Sat April 16, 2011
Simon Says

Stand Up And Be Counted. And Counted. And Counted.

I've voted nine times already today and I'm exhausted.

I've voted for my favorite news story of the day. I've voted for my favorite western movies—once for Shane, once for Blazing Saddles. Yeah, the campfire scene.

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Sat April 16, 2011
From Our Listeners

Your Letters: Humane Society CEO; Japan Radiation

We talked with Wayne Pacelle last week, president and CEO of the Humane Society. We also had a heated debate on our site following a report by NPR's Joe Palca on the risk, or lack of it, of radiation exposure from Japan's badly damaged nuclear plant. Host Scott Simon reads listeners' e-mails and comments.


Sat April 16, 2011
Author Interviews

A Writer's 'Martian Summer' On Earth

In the summer of 2008, Brooklyn writer Andrew Kessler spent three months among the scientists and engineers who were exploring the small grains and vast vistas of Mars through the lenses and limbs of NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander without ever leaving mission control in Tucson. Scott Simon talks with Kessler about his book Martian Summer: Robot Arms, Cowboy Spacemen, and My 90 Days with the Phoenix Mars Mission.