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On Sundays, Weekend Edition combines the news with colorful arts and human-interest features, appealing to the curious and eclectic. With a nod to traditional Sunday habits, the program offers a fix for diehard crossword addicts-word games and brainteasers with The Puzzlemaster, a.k.a. Will Shortz, puzzle editor of The New York Times. With Hansen on the sidelines, a caller plays the latest word game on the air while listeners compete silently at home. The NPR mailbag is proof that the competition to go head-to-head with Shortz is rather vigorous.

Another trademark of Sunday's program is "Voices in the News," a montage of sound bites from the past week, poignant in its simplicity. Hansen also engages listeners in her discussions with regular contributors, who cover a wide range of national and international issues.

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Sun August 7, 2011
NPR Story

Navy SEALs Mourn Heavy Loss In Afghanistan

The Navy SEAL community is mourning the loss of more than two dozen members. They were among 30 Americans killed Saturday when their helicopter came under fire during an operation in eastern Afghanistan. NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman reports.


Sun August 7, 2011
Around the Nation

Titanic Victims Honored With A Watery Memorial

NPR's summer road trip series continues with a tribute to two influential Washington, D.C., figures from the early 1900s. A 12-foot fountain in the nation's capital honors the friends, who took an ill-fated trip in 1912 aboard a brand-new ocean liner called the Titantic. Emily Friedman reports.


Sun August 7, 2011
A Blog Supreme

A Millennial Incursion At Newport

Originally published on Sun August 7, 2011 6:00 am

Trombone Shorty, with Dan Oestreicher on baritone saxophone in the background, performing at the Newport Jazz Festival on Saturday.
Erik Jacobs for NPR

The New Black Eagle Jazz Band is about as traditional as they come. The musicians have been playing together for 40 years. And they opened this year's Newport Jazz Festival with rousing, old-time New Orleans polyphony, a style that dates back to the teens and 1920s.

At the same moment, a mere 300 feet away on another stage at Fort Adams, is a band of twenty- and thirty-somethings on the opposite end of the musical spectrum. It's called Mostly Other People Do the Killing.

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Sat August 6, 2011
Games & Humor

Race To The Top

On-Air Challenge: Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or name in which the first word starts with T-O and the second word starts with P. For example, given, "a person who is responsible for organizing a series of live concerts," the answer would be "tour promoter."

Last Week's Challenge: Name a famous person from America's past who has four letters in his or her first name and five letters in the last. Take a homophone of the last name, move it to the front. The result phonetically would be something a woman might write. What is it?

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Sat August 6, 2011
Music News

Gillian Welch And David Rawlings Beat Back Writer's Block

The Harrow and the Harvest, Gillian Welch's new album with David Rawlings, is the duo's first since 2003's Soul Journey.
Mark Seliger Courtesy of the artist

It's been a long time coming — eight years actually — but it's finally here: a new album from Gillian Welch, one of the country's leading roots-music artists. The album is called The Harrow and the Harvest, and it's another collaboration between Welch and her longtime partner David Rawlings.

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