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On Sundays, Weekend Edition combines the news with colorful arts and human-interest features, appealing to the curious and eclectic. With a nod to traditional Sunday habits, the program offers a fix for diehard crossword addicts-word games and brainteasers with The Puzzlemaster, a.k.a. Will Shortz, puzzle editor of The New York Times. With Hansen on the sidelines, a caller plays the latest word game on the air while listeners compete silently at home. The NPR mailbag is proof that the competition to go head-to-head with Shortz is rather vigorous.

Another trademark of Sunday's program is "Voices in the News," a montage of sound bites from the past week, poignant in its simplicity. Hansen also engages listeners in her discussions with regular contributors, who cover a wide range of national and international issues.

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Sat February 12, 2011
Sunday Puzzle

Et Tu, EU?

On-Air Challenge

Every answer is a word or phrase in which the first syllable is E-U. For example, give the clue "Holy Communion," the answer would be "Eucharist."

Last Week's Challenge

Name two things an airplane does. Each of these is a single word. Put them together, one after the other, to make a compound word that names something it's nice to have as big as possible. What is this thing?

Answer: Bankroll

Winner: Linda Yurche of Baltimore

Next Week's Challenge

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Sun February 6, 2011

How Super Bowl Players Could Perform In The 'Clutch'

In his new book, Clutch, New York Times business columnist Paul Sullivan studies some of the world's best clutch performers like Billy Jean King, Tiger Woods and JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Host Liane Hansen talks with Sullivan about what might happen in Sunday's Super Bowl.


Sun February 6, 2011
From Our Listeners

Your Letters: Juarez Protests; Paris Catacombs

Last week, listeners responded to a report on a bi-national protest along the U.S.-Mexico border. There were also plenty of postings about NPR's Jacki Lyden's report on the vast network of tunnels beneath the streets of Paris. Host Liane Hansen reads from listener comments.


Sun February 6, 2011
Author Interviews

'I Think I Love You': Middle-Aged Women Can Still Be 13

In 2004, Allison Pearson was asked by the Daily Telegraph to interview David Cassidy, singer and former star of the Partridge Family. Thirty years earlier, Pearson was one of those screaming 13-year-old girls who taped Cassidy's posters on their bedroom walls and dreamed of the day that he would fall in love with them. NPR's Liane Hansen talks with Pearson about her new novel, I Think I Love You, which was inspired by her experience.


Sun February 6, 2011

'Weird Sisters' Quote Shakespeare To Communicate

While the ability to recall obscure couplets of iambic pentameter might be considered an enviable asset for writing articles in literary journals, it's not the most effective child-rearing tool. In The Weird Sisters, a new novel by Eleanor Brown, three daughters of an overzealous Shakspearean academic live with a father who continuously recites poetry as a form of parental advice.

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