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Fri July 3, 2015
Place of Invention

What Does Being A 'Place Of Invention' Mean For Fort Collins' Future?

Fort Collins' Old Town Plaza last saw a face lift in the 1980s, when this picture was taken.
Fort Collins Old Town Square Restoration

Fort Collins is no stranger to “best of” lists, with national recognition for everything from happiest residents to most entrepreneurial businesses to fittest citizens. The latest feather for the community’s cap comes from the Smithsonian, which dubbed the city a “Place of Invention.

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Thu May 21, 2015

Front Range Rents Are Spiking. Here's How That Hurts The Economy

Charleston's The Digital Flickr-Creative Commons

Rent prices in the Denver area are going up faster than rents in San Francisco. The situation isn't any better in Fort Collins and Greeley. Each community experienced double digit growth in rental prices in 2014, and the trend is not showing signs of slowing down.

But maybe your rent is affordable. Or you bought your house decades ago. So why should you care if your neighbor down the street is paying a ton for her crappy apartment?

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Wed May 6, 2015

Why Boulder Thinks Linkage Fees Will Help Solve Affordable Housing

Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado.
Ken Lund Flickr-Creative Commons

Boulder is one of the most unaffordable cities on Colorado's Front Range. And like other expensive U.S. cities (think Seattle and San Francisco) it’s brainstorming ways to make housing accessible for low and middle-income folks.

Tuesday night, the city council approved a new tool to do this. It’s called an – wait for it – affordable housing linkage fee. It’s a mouthful. I know. But if you care about affordable housing, (and a lot of people in the Front Range are starting to) you’re probably going to start hearing more about linkage fees.

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Thu April 30, 2015

Would Construction Defects Reform Have Helped Colorado's Housing Crunch?

New condos in Denver.
Flickr user Butterbean Flickr-Creative Commons

A measure to make it more difficult for condo owners to sue developers over defects from construction died during the state Legislature's final full week in session.

Beyond developer support, affordable housing advocates had thrown their weight behind the bill. They say that threats of litigation and high insurance premiums have led to a slowdown in condo construction and an associated crunch in more affordable condo units. The Denver Post quoted Denver Mayor Michael Hancock as saying "Construction defects are severely slowing the construction of for-sale, affordable housing."

While there is no doubt that the Front Range has a shortage of affordable housing, a change to the construction defects law may not have provided a fix.

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Tue April 21, 2015

New Construction Economics Work Against Home Affordability In Fort Collins

Developer Landon Hoover stands in a field that will one day be turned into the Timbervine neighborhood. The Dry Creek development is behind him.
Stephanie Paige Ogburn KUNC

There are a lot of people wanting to buy homes in Northern Colorado right now. The problem is there’s not many for sale.

This might seem like a great business opportunity for developers. Build more houses, and the buyers will come. A proposed development next to the Dry Creek neighborhood in northeast Fort Collins shows that the situation is more complicated than that.

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