Mon May 23, 2011

Georgia Farmers Brace For New Immigration Law

Migrant workers hand pick Vidalia onions in Georgia. The vegetable is too delicate to be harvested with machines.
Kathy Lohr NPR

Georgia is putting in place a new law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants, and many across the state are nervous. Businesses fear an economic boycott, the Latino community fears police officers will abuse their new powers and farmers in South Georgia fear the law will hurt them dramatically.

Georgia is known for its peaches and Vidalia onions, the state vegetable. The specialty crop is produced in just a few counties in the rural southeast part of the state, where the soil is just right.

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Thu March 31, 2011

Farmers May Boost Corn Crop to Help Ease Global Shortage

Scott Bauer U.S. Dept of Agriculture

U.S. farmers are expected to boost the size of this year’s corn crop - a move that could potentially help to ease global food shortages by the fall.  But even with record-high prices, Colorado farmers may not follow suit.

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Mon March 21, 2011

Agritourism Takes Center Stage in Fairplay

A sign on Grant Family Farms property directs visitors to 2010 Harvestival attractions. The autumn festival is one of many ways farmers and ranchers are diversifying their businesses.
Grace Hood

Agritourism is becoming an increasingly popular way for farmers and ranchers looking to diversify their business and make extra money.

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Tue March 15, 2011

Colorado Ag Day Highlights Essential Part of State's Economy

US Dept of Agriculture

Governor John Hickenlooper has declared Wednesday ‘Colorado Ag Day’ as a way to celebrate Colorado’s farmers, ranchers and agricultural producers.

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Mon February 14, 2011

Number of Colorado Farms Declining

Dryland grazing in CO
Scott Bauer USDA Agricultural Research Service

The number of farms and ranches across Colorado appears to be declining.  But agriculture officials don’t think there’s particular cause for alarm.

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