Tue April 30, 2013

The Curious Cases Of Contaminated Cantaloupes

Since 2007 there have been at least seven foodborne illness outbreaks tied to cantaloupe, according to the Foodborne Illness Outbreak Database.
Credit Kabsik Park / Flickr/Creative Commons


Tue April 30, 2013

This Little Piggy Has A Market Niche

When these baby pigs get bigger, Iowa farmer Randy Hilleman will move them from this nursery to an open-ended hoop house where they can move between indoors and out.
Amy Mayer Harvest Public Media

The pork business certainly has its challenges. Hog farmers continually grapple with high feed prices, environmental hiccups and criticism from animal welfare groups.

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Mon April 29, 2013
The Two-Way

Europe Bans Pesticides In Move To Protect Honey Bees

Beekeepers demonstrate at the EU headquarters in Brussels Monday, as lawmakers vote on whether to ban pesticides blamed for killing bees.
Georges Gobet AFP/Getty Images

Three popular pesticides will soon be illegal in the European Union, where officials hope the change helps restore populations of honey bees, vital to crop production, to healthy levels. The new ban will be enacted in December.

"I pledge to do my utmost to ensure that our bees, which are so vital to our ecosystem and contribute over €22 billion ($28.8 billion) annually to European agriculture, are protected," said EU Health and Consumer Commissioner Tonio Borg.

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Wed April 24, 2013
The Salt

For Corn, Fickle Weather Makes For Uncertain Yields

Originally published on Wed April 24, 2013 7:06 am

By this time last year, 26 percent of the country's corn crop was already planted. A wet, cold spring means that only 4 percent is in the ground right now.
Seth Perlman AP

Last year's drought wreaked havoc on farmers' fields in much of the Midwest, cutting crop yields and forcing livestock producers to cull their herds. This spring, the rain that farmers needed so badly in 2012 has finally returned. But maybe too much, and at the wrong time.

It's almost the end of April, which is prime time to plant corn. But farmers need a break in the rain so they can get this year's crops in the ground and try to lock in good yields at harvest.

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Mon April 22, 2013

Looking For A Sugar Fix: Farmers Face Low Prices, Limited Water

A nationwide sugar surplus, triggered by a huge sugar beet harvest, has farmers and processors worried about the price of sugar. Colorado is one of the top ten states for sugar beet production
karma-police Flickr - Creative Commons

There’s more sugar in the United States right now than we know what to do with, a fact that’s concerning to both sugar growers and the processors that use sugar by the truckload, like candy companies and large-scale bakeries.

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