Sat December 22, 2012
Arts & Culture

The Joy Of Salt Licking: Contest Turns Farm Animals Into Fine Artists

Originally published on Wed December 26, 2012 9:40 am

Sculptures entered in the Great Salt Lick Contest await the judging and auction.
Taki Telonidis

Whit Deschner stands in the middle of a pasture outside of Baker, Ore., probably 30 or 40 feet away from a black cow licking a white salt block.

To most of us, this may look like a bucolic scene from ranch country, a smattering of black cattle on a vast field that spreads toward distant mountains. But, for Deshner, it's art in the making.

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Wed December 19, 2012

Drought Impacts Colorado Livestock Producers

Rancher Dick Hansen drives through the property where he pastures his herd. This year's drought meant that his hay crop was only half of what it normally is.
Ariana Brocious KVNF

Business is booming at cattle sales yards throughout Colorado. That’s not so good though for western slope ranchers. Last year's dry winter combined with an ongoing drought are forcing many ranchers to sell more than they like.

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Tue December 18, 2012


Fri December 14, 2012

Another Year Of Water Woes Spurs Ideas From Colorado Lawmakers

Kirk Siegler KUNC

It’s no secret that Colorado is facing a drought. The two-pronged issue of low water supplies and increasing demand has lawmaker’s attention this upcoming legislative session.

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Thu December 13, 2012

Farmers, Farm Policy and the 'Fiscal Cliff'

Without a deal on the "fiscal cliff" farmers can't be sure about next year's farm policy.
Eric Durban Harvest Public Media

Congress and the White House appear far from a deal to avoid going over the "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year. The sudden changes in taxes and spending that would result, would hit home for some farm families and people depending on support programs in the Farm Bill.

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