Air Pollution


Sun February 3, 2013
The Two-Way

In China, A Breath Of Fresh Air (In A Can)

Chinese businessman Chen Guangbiao (center) gives cans of fresh air produced by his factory to passersby for free in a financial district in Beijing.

In response to the growing concern over China's air pollution, a theatrical Chinese entrepreneur is selling cans of fresh air.

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Tue January 29, 2013
Colorado Wildfires

CSU Scientists Study Toxic Impact of High Park Fire on Air Quality

Residents in South Fort Collins view the High Park Fire, which started on June 9, 2012.
Grace Hood KUNC

Air pollution in Fort Collins during the 2012 High Park Fire rivaled some of the worst days in places like Mexico City or Los Angeles—well known for poor air quality.

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Tue January 29, 2013
The Two-Way

Beijing's Smog Is So Bad They're Cancelling Flights

Downtown Beijing in the clouds of its latest air pollution emergency.
Lintao Zhang Getty

The pollution in China's capital has intensified again, and some residents are turning to gas masks to breathe. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing is tracking the current air quality, and it's most recent reading finds that even late at night, the air is hazardous: "Everyone should avoid all physical activity outdoors; people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children should remain indoors and keep activity levels low."

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