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Wed January 18, 2012
Stock Show

Audio Postcard: National Western Stock Show

Neil Thompson, of Stillwater, OK, spiffs up his heifer ahead of a competition.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

The single largest cattle show in the United States continues this week in Denver. The National Western Stock Show is now in its 106th year.

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Tue January 17, 2012
Arts & Culture

Shows Like American Idol Introduce Young Colorado Men To Barbershop Quartet Singing

Young men are turing to barbershop quartet singing due, in part, to shows like American Idol.
humbert15 Flickr. (CC)

With shows like American Idol bringing a major increase in revenue dollars for TV networks, there’s an old American musical art form which is also seeing an increase in popularity with a younger audience across the country, and right here in Colorado.

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Tue January 17, 2012
The Salt

Does The Queen of Unhealthy Eating Have To Eat Her Words?

Originally published on Tue January 17, 2012 1:25 pm

Paula Deen tells Today show co-host Al Roker that she has Type 2 diabetes.

There were hints that all was not well in Paula Deen's Southern-fried world. Last November, when NPR correspondent Allison Aubrey asked Deen if she'd ever do healthier versions of her greasy, sugar-laden fare, Deen said: "As I age, and get older and I get 'different things' that I have to battle physically — it may, you know, resonate closer to home for me."

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Mon January 16, 2012
Three Books...

Rebel Memoirs: Three Confessions From The Edge

These days, memoirs are often the target of contempt. A scathing slam in New York Times Book Review this year inveighed against "oversharing"; and in the New Yorker, the memoirist was likened to "a drunken guest at a wedding... motivated by an overpowering need to be the center of attention." If the narrative deals with socially unacceptable matters like abuse, addiction, family dysfunction, or even poverty, the scorn gets even thicker.

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Sun January 15, 2012
Stories from the National Day of Listening

A Valuable Lesson: "Knowing That You Can Overcome Obstacles And Still Lead The Life You Want..."

[Audio updated 01/15/2012, 3pm] The day after Thanksgiving was StoryCorps National Day of Listening – a day when people across America took some time to interview someone special in their lives. One of those people was Deborah Wagner of Windsor, who interviewed her son Jordan.

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