Sat January 5, 2013
Krulwich Wonders...

A Very, Very, Very Delicate Balance

Originally published on Tue January 15, 2013 10:50 am

Stone balance art by Gravity Glue.
Courtesy of Gravity Glue

These rocks, says the artist, are not glued, not Velcroed. This is not a trick. Go ahead and click through our glossary of photographs. There are big rocks pirouetting on little ones, little ones dangling on top of big ones, pebbles tightly clumped and suspended in air ...

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Thu December 20, 2012

To The Moon! Boulder Company Hopes to Blast Off Within Decade

Dave Young Creative Commons/Flickr

A Boulder-based aerospace startup received global news coverage last week with plans to launch tourism expeditions to the moon. It may sound like pure sci-fi, but the Golden Spike Company says lunar missions could begin as soon as 2020.

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Thu December 6, 2012

Wanna Go To The Moon? Colorado Company Will Take You There

A screenshot from The Golden Spike Company announcement.
The Golden Spike Company.

The Golden Spike Company based in Boulder say they want to put you on the moon by 2020, for $1.5 billion.

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Thu December 6, 2012


Thu November 22, 2012