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Tue March 18, 2014
Craft Beer

A Cold One For Everyone: Craft Beer Sales Surged In 2013

Originally published on Wed March 19, 2014 6:38 am

I'll Drink To That: Craft beer sales jumped 20 percent last year.
Justin Sullivan Getty Images

If you think craft beer is seemingly everywhere these days, there's good reason. From bars and restaurants to supermarket aisles, the selection of locally made, often quirkily named brews has grown at an exponential rate.

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Mon December 16, 2013
Craft Brewing

Craft Beer Pours A Frosty Glass Of Economic Impact For 2012

Justinwkern Flickr-Creative Commons

The craft beer industry continues to be a large player in the U.S. economy. A new report released by the Brewers Association says ‘small and independent’ craft brewers injected $33.9 billion into the U.S. economy in 2012

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Wed October 9, 2013
GABF 2013

Is The Great American Beer Festival Too Great?

More than 3,000 types of beer will be served during the 2013 GABF, the biggest selection of American beers ever served.
Brewers Association

Denver's Great American Beer Fest gets underway Thursday. It can be a make or break moment for brewers - if their beer receives an award. When brewer registration slots sold out in less than two hours, many were left on waiting lists for the ‘Super Bowl’ of beer festivals.

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Tue September 10, 2013
Craft Beer

Why Aren't There More People Of Color In Craft Brewing?

Originally published on Wed September 11, 2013 7:38 am

Michael Ferguson, of the BJ's Restaurants group, is one of only a small handful of African-Americans who make beer for a living.
Greg Barna Courtesy 'Beer Geeks'

Michael Ferguson sometimes jokingly refers to himself among colleagues as "the other black brewer."

That's because Ferguson, of the BJ's Restaurants group, is one of only a small handful of African-Americans who make beer for a living. Latinos and Asian-Americans are scarce within the brewing community, too.

"For the most part, you've got a bunch of white guys with beards making beer," says Yiga Miyashiro, a Japanese-American brewer with Saint Archer Brewery in San Diego.

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Thu August 8, 2013
Business Report

Colorado Beer Sales Flat Despite Rise In Craft Brewing

Craft beer sales are still on the rise, but overall beer sales are flat
Jim Hill KUNC

Despite strong growth in the last several years for Colorado craft brewers, overall beer sales are down statewide -- and it appears the state's behemoth brewers are dragging down the numbers.

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