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When Apple recently updated its TV box the redesign included a remote that also functions as a game controller. Apple isn't trying to compete with powerful consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox or Sony's PlayStation. But, Apple is competing with Google and Amazon to attract a much bigger but different gaming audience.

Imagine a city with hundreds of liquor stores but no bars to drink in. That's the situation for marijuana in Denver.

Pot is legal in Colorado, but the capital city has outlawed pot bars like those in Amsterdam, leaving the tourists who flock to Denver to get high with no legal place to do so. But the city is trying to find a solution.

On a recent Friday afternoon at LoDo Wellness Center, a recreational pot store downtown, budtender Delaney Mason is talking up a Parmesan-scented marijuana strain called Space Queen.

Colorado Is A Top 10 State In Organic Ag Sales Says USDA

Sep 17, 2015
Christopher Paquette / Creative Commons

Have you noticed your grocery store’s organic section starting to spill over? It’s not your imagination. The entire organic sector is blowing up.

The country’s certified organic farms sold $5.5 billion in organic products in 2014. That’s a 72 percent increase since 2008, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2014 survey of organic agriculture shows. The goods that brought in the most cash were organic milk, eggs, chicken, lettuce and apples.

Luke Runyon / KUNC, Harvest Public Media

In early 2015, Denver officials cited a handful of commercial marijuana growers for misusing pesticides in indoor grow houses. Some of those businesses were also advertising their products as “chemical-free” and “organic.”

Because the drug is still illegal at the federal level, and state regulators are still playing catch up, growers can make all kinds of unchecked claims about their plants, without drawing the ire of consumer fraud regulators. That could soon change.

Cyberthieves steal hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the bank accounts of U.S. businesses. And many business owners are surprised to find out their bank is not obliged to make them whole.

Dr. David Krier's Volunteer Voyages is one of the victims. Krier says he lost over $14,000 through fraudulent withdrawals from his business account, and he says his bank "refused to cover any of my losses."

Hillary Clinton's private server is currently in the possession of the FBI. And while it has been reported that the server was "wiped," what actually happened remains unclear. But not because the term is so hard to understand from a technical standpoint. In fact, wiping is a straightforward process. It's very different from hitting the delete button. And if it happened, experts say, it'll hamper the FBI investigation.

Farm Income Falling, Putting The Rural Economy On Edge

Sep 14, 2015
Grant Gerlock / Harvest Public Media

Farmers in the Midwest are facing a situation they haven’t seen in years. Grain prices are down. After some of the most lucrative growing seasons they’ve ever seen, some producers could lose money on this year’s crop. That could slow down the rural economy.

According to forecasts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this corn crop is worth about $7.1 billion less than last year. Receipts for soybeans will also be down $3.4 billion. The agency is predicting the largest single-year drop in farm income since 1983.

Jim Hill / KUNC

In the ongoing saga of just how much control cities and other municipalities in Colorado can have over oil and gas development, the town of Erie hopes it has hit a Goldilocks position.

Municipalities that ban fracking or otherwise overstep the bounds of legality in a state where extracting riches from the ground is enshrined in law have been sued -- and lost. Local governments like Erie wishing to exert more control without facing costly legal battles have to strike a balance that protects their residents but is also within the bounds of state law.

That’s what town trustee Jennifer Carroll said she hoped the town achieved with the changes it made to rules governing drilling operations.

Apple's latest press event wasn't really filled with surprises: Though the rumor mill always has churned before Apple events since the death of Steve Jobs, the rumors have gotten more accurate, so it wasn't a surprise that Apple upgraded its iPhones, iPads and Apple TV.

Here are a few impressions of the new offerings:

Apple TV

Of the products announced Wednesday, this was the most interesting, and, just maybe, the most revolutionary.

In The Oil Patch, Employees Share In The Boom And Bust

Sep 8, 2015
Leigh Paterson / Inside Energy

With oil hovering around $45 a barrel, oil workers can go from making a six-figure salary -- including overtime -- to being unemployed and broke.

When business is good, a $60,000 truck, for example, might be a reasonable purchase and maybe even a business expense. But the oil industry isn't like most businesses. Work can go away overnight. Which is what happened at oilfield services and rental company NewKota in Gillette, Wyoming.