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Sun September 30, 2012


Fri September 28, 2012

Polis, Lundberg Spar Over Wind Tax Credit

A wind farm in Colorado.
William Andrus Flickr - Creative Commons
  • Kirk Siegler reporting for All Things Considered

Berthoud Republican Kevin Lundberg says a popular tax credit on wind power production is an example of how the federal government is picking winners and losers on energy policy. 

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Fri September 28, 2012
A Word With The Candidates

Aurora Positioned As The Linchpin In The 6th Congressional District

Mike Coffman is pictured to the left, Joe Miklosi to the right.
Coffman - U.S. House, Miklosi - Colorado House Democrats
  • Colorado Public Radio's Andrea Dukakis reports

For the 6th Congressional district, the big game changer is Aurora. In redistricting, the new boundaries take out a big chunk of Republican Douglas county to the south and replaced it with the more working class and Democratic north Aurora.

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Fri September 28, 2012

Amendment 65 and Amendment S

Campaign Billboard for Amendment S
Yes on S Campaign
  • Bente Birkeland reports on Amendment 65 and Amendment S for Morning Edition.

This election, Colorado voters will decide on three statewide ballot questions. In addition to a measure to legalize marijuana recreationally, there’s an initiative to update state workforce rules, and a largely symbolic campaign finance question.

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Fri September 28, 2012

Amendment 65: A Non-Binding Retort To Citizens United

Screencap of the website of Coloradans Get Big Money Out of Politics, one of three groups spearheading Amendment 65
Coloradans Get Big Money Out of Politics

Colorado Amendment 65 is a non-binding referendum that encourages the state’s U.S. representatives and senators to support a U.S. constitutional amendment limiting campaign contributions and spending.

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