Colorado Attorney General's Office


Thu June 28, 2012

Colorado Attorney General Calls Supreme Court Healthcare Decision "Surprising"

Department Of Agriculture CreativeCommons/Wikimedia

Colorado’s Republican Attorney General John Suthers calls Thursday's Supreme Court’s decision upholding the federal healthcare law surprising and remarkable. 

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Thu June 30, 2011

Colorado Attorney General Awards Grant to Foreclosure Hotline

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Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has awarded the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline a $600,000 grant.  The funds are meant to help homeowners avoid foreclosure over the next two years.

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Thu June 9, 2011
Law Enforcement

Multi-State Campaign Warns of Immigration-Services Scams

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is joining a multi-state effort to help immigrants steer clear of scams targeted at them.

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Mon June 6, 2011
Law Enforcement

Office Depot Agrees to Settlement with Colorado Agencies

The Colorado Attorney General’s office announced a settlement with Office Depot that will reimburse Colorado companies for over-billing. 

115 Colorado governmental and nonprofit agencies paid more for office supplies than they should have been. 

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Tue May 31, 2011
Law Enforcement

Attorney General, FTC, Suing Company Pushing Get-Rich-Quick Infomercial

A company that has run infomercials for nine years offering to teach people how make money in the promissory notes business is being sued by state and federal officials.

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