Colorado Legislature


Thu April 28, 2011

Colorado Health Insurance Exchange in Dispute

Home page of a health care exchange website that is already in the works in Wisconsin.
Colorado Public News

What will be the face of health care reform to you? For more than 1 million Coloradans, it may be the proposed health insurance exchange.

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Tue April 26, 2011

Marijuana Advocates Make Unusual Case Against Prohibition

Cannabis Plant
Photo by LancerenoK

Women and college students in favor of legalizing marijuana made an unusual case for it at the state capitol today, saying greater acceptance of pot could reduce alcohol-related sexual violence on campus.

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Tue April 19, 2011

Bear Hunting Proposal Sparks Debate

Division of Wildlife

A bill to expand the state’s bear hunting season ignited a passionate debate from agriculture producers and animal rights groups on Monday.  Proponents say it’ll help curb the growing bear population, but opponents worry the measure could harm female bears and orphan cubs. 


Fri April 1, 2011
Capitol Coverage

House Committee Kills Civil Unions Bill

Creative Commons

A bill that would have created civil unions in Colorado failed Thursday in the House judiciary committee on a party line vote. It was widely expected to die in the Republican-controlled committee, but proponents remained optimistic right up until the last vote was cast.


Wed March 2, 2011

Lawmaker Scales Back Edible Cannabis Bill

creative commons Flickr

Medicinal pot brownies, candies, and other infused products are here to stay in Colorado. A Republican lawmaker introduced a bill to ban medical marijuana centers from selling infused products. But after facing opposition from the medical marijuana industry and lawmakers, including some members of her own party, she is significantly changing the measure.