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Mon April 1, 2013

Universal Health Care For Colorado? New Plan May Put It To A Vote

. Irene Aguilar has introduced a bill that would ask Colorado voters to create a universal healthcare system for the state
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News


Mon March 18, 2013

Decades Of Cuts Puts Colorado In Mental Health Crisis

Coloradans in the midst of a mental health crisis often currently end up at hospital emergency rooms -- only to learn there's little treatment to be had there
Acme Creative Commons

Nearly every day in Colorado, someone having a mental health crisis tries to seek help at a hospital emergency room. There’s only one problem: ER doctors are able to diagnose and treat a broken foot, but they generally don’t have the training to fix a broken mind.

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Mon February 18, 2013

A Job Market Catch-22 For Newly Graduated Registered Nurses: You Need Experience

No one in Colorado would hire newly graduated registered nurse Sara Chapman, despite the shortage of experienced nurses. She will take a job in Nome, Alaska
Sara Chapman


Mon February 11, 2013

Put A Lid On It: Helmet Use Reducing Brain Injuries On The Slopes

Sonny Joel Flock waves at his friend moments before a major ski crash at Arapahoe Basin two years ago
courtesy of Sonny Joel Flock and Kyle Hoehn


Mon January 7, 2013

Colorado Hospitals On A $3.4 Billion Construction Boom

The Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Aurora is one of many putting an emphasis on design, color and light in their new construction, saying it helps the healing process
Eckert and Eckert Design architect: H+L Architecture

$3.4 billion. That’s the total value of some 50 hospital construction projects occurring all over the state, a Colorado Public News examination has found.

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