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Mon May 7, 2012

Childhood Tooth Decay On The Rise

Lisa Casaus, with her son, Gabriel Sanchez, learns tips on good dental hygiene from Children’s Hospital dental hygienist Valerie Haustein.
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News

Gabriel Sanchez is screaming at the top of his tiny lungs.

But he’s not hurt. At 13 months old, he’s just objecting to the stranger’s hands in his mouth. He’s having his nine baby teeth brushed, on his first visit to the dentist.

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Tue April 17, 2012

Dental Issues In Pregnant Women Put Babies At Risk

Pamela McClain, Pres. of the American Academy of Periodontology, working on a patient. Studies have determined that poor dental hygiene & gum disease lead to many other health problems, including the potential for premature and low birthweight babies.
Courtesy of Pamela McClain


Mon April 9, 2012

State Touts Healthy Population To Entice Companies

Denver encourages residents and visitors to be healthy and bicycle instead of drive by providing red bikes that can be rented and dropped off in various locations.
B-Cycle Denver

Colorado is promoting its relatively healthy residents to lure new businesses to the state, arguing that able-bodied people are more productive and may cost less to insure.

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Fri March 23, 2012

Why Is The African-American Infant Mortality Rate So High?

Eight-year-old Erica and seven-year-old Alicia read their books with mom, Candice, and dad, Randy Reese. This Brighton family lost their firstborn, Nevaeh, who was born at just over a pound.
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News

Rita Beam was a young nurse working in the mother-baby unit at Denver's Rose Medical Center three decades ago when she noticed a disturbing disparity, which would forever define her career.

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Mon March 19, 2012

Hospitals May Stop Charging Their Highest Prices To The Poor

Linda Conlin, 49, of Longmont, left, gets help from Ailsa Wonnacott, right, in dealing with hospital bills she can't pay because she is disabled. Wonnacott is head of the Association for Community Living in Boulder County.
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News

Colorado hospitals charge their highest prices to the poorest, uninsured patients. That practice is now likely to end by late summer.

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