Colorado Springs


Thu February 20, 2014

Black Forest Fire Chief Acted Properly Says Report

Flames spread quickly once the fire reached the treetops in the Black Forest Fire. This picture was taken June 13, 2013.


Wed January 22, 2014

Meet The Man Who’s Enforcing Colorado’s Marijuana Laws

Lewis Koski is the new director of Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division.
Credit Jim Hill / KUNC


Wed December 4, 2013

New Report Says Denverites Driving Less, Biking More

Cars stopped on I25 in Denver.
Nathan Heffel KUNC

While it may seem that traffic congestion across Colorado is getting worse, a report released Wednesday by the Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG) says across the state’s largest urban areas; residents actually reduced their driving miles, decreased commutes by car, and increased their use of public transport and bicycles.

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Fri November 29, 2013

Drinking Toilet Water? Be Backflow Aware, Check Your Cross Connections

cwpatterson11 Flickr - Creative Commons

Feel like a nice cool glass of ice water? Before you take a sip, you might want to take a quick tour of your home. How’s the fill valve in your toilet? Do you have a vacuum breaker on your outside spigots? What about your boiler?

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Thu November 21, 2013
Arts District

In ‘Sideshow,’ A Challenge To ‘Remember That Our Lives Are Absurd’

A cartoon version of Pamela Joseph's 'Pussy Marshmallow' character, which Joseph also developed into a comic book.
Stephanie Cochran Arts District

What's more than 10 feet tall, has the body of a woman, a cat tail and a soft round head? That would be 'Pussy Marshmallow,' the towering creation of artist Pamela Joseph. The imposing cat woman is part of her latest exhibit, “Sideshow of the Absurd.”

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