Colorado Water Management


Thu June 19, 2014

Parts Of Southeast Colorado Drier Than The Dust Bowl

Entrance to the town of Rocky Ford, which is experiencing a longer dry period longer than it did during the Dust Bowl.
Luke Runyon KUNC

Parts of Southeast Colorado are experiencing a longer period of drought than the dry times that occurred during the Dust Bowl.

According to Nolan Doesken, the state climatologist, the past three years and eight months have been the driest stretch ever recorded for some parts of the state, including Rocky Ford, La Junta and Ordway.

"It was drier than the worst consecutive drought period of the 30s and of the 50s," said Doesken.

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Mon August 26, 2013

Farmers Look To Do More With Less Water

Tom Trout, a researcher at the U.S. Department of Agriculture who focuses on efficient and effective irrigation methods, checks sunflowers on a USDA research plot in Weld County, Colo.
Credit Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media


Wed March 27, 2013

Watering Rules Have You Confused? Colorado Launches New Website To Help

Andrew pmk Wikimedia Commons

Colorado's largest water utility on Wednesday declared a Stage 2 drought, saying March snowfall was not enough to improve the current conditions.

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Thu February 7, 2013

As Drought Lingers, Colorado Tries to Prevent Economic Dryout

Aerial views of drought-affected Colorado farm lands in July 2012, 83 miles east of Denver. Green areas are irrigated, yellow areas are dryland wheat crops
Lance Cheung U.S. Dept of Agriculture


Tue January 8, 2013